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Building character through athletics

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NWAB thanks volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedule to raise money for athletics at Northwest Community Schools.

Workers who are 16 & 17

If you are a minor, a parental consent for you to work must be signed...see the two links below:

Info for Races @ MIS

WHAT TO WEAR - Workers must wear black shorts, capri's or pants and closed-toe shoes. Americrown shirts will be provided by NWAB to workers on the day they work. NWAB will be charged $4.50/shirt which is taken directly off the top of the profit and are required to be worn Friday - Sunday.

WHAT TO EAT - NWAB will provide burgers/hot dogs to bbq outside the trailer. We will also have coffee, water, a large cooler with ice and lawn chairs for workers to take breaks. All workers are asked to bring something - either munchies, passing dish (no glass please!) and any preferred beverage (no alcohol allowed).

DIRECTIONS TO AND MAPS OF MIS - To help familiarize yourself with MIS, here are some links:

Inbound traffic

Outbound traffic

MIS Area Map

Fan Plaza Map

Questions? Email us!